Prayer Chain

Pray without Ceasing

In Scripture, we are encouraged to “pray without ceasing.” The whole Christian life is enveloped in prayer, both as individuals and with others.

When joining with a community of people to pray, whether in a formal worship setting, at a retreat, before a meeting or in a hospital room, our heritage has provided a treasure chest of resources from which we can draw to shape our communal prayer.

To have someone added to our prayer chain please call the church office at 570-752-3737.

Please pray for:

Becky Hosler; Emma Shaffer; Betty Koval; Hilda Phillips; Randy Albertson; Rich Sivilich; Vicki Shaffer; Louis A. Moser; Ronna Boyles; Mary Hoida; Pastor Bernard and Elaine Englehardt; Aaron Morgart; Bette Keller; Warren and Doris Baughman; Bob; Phyllis; Francis; Jerry Birt; Bob Dorsey; Crystal Canouse;Robert Barchik; Kathy Fetterman; Bill Rovito; Janet Howard; Paul Trioni; Richard Briggs; Shirley East; Bill Robinholt; Carl; Paul Kratzer; Sarah; Kristian; Fred; Landon Reese; Ryan Frey; Mark Trostle; Sandy Vought; Gloria Kundrat; Frank Diehl’ Memory Hurst; Bill Barndt; Bonnie Fausnaught; David Fausnaught; Kristin Walp; Bill Slowick; Blake Marks; Jim Tate;Phillip Morris; Alexa Vomers; Arlene Gryshuk; Janice George; Joanne Brown; Dave Taylor; Wayne DeFebo; Marilyn Muelhoff;Sally Frey; Mery; Bill; Ginger McLain; Mary.