Prayer Chain

Pray without Ceasing

In Scripture, we are encouraged to “pray without ceasing.” The whole Christian life is enveloped in prayer, both as individuals and with others.

When joining with a community of people to pray, whether in a formal worship setting, at a retreat, before a meetingĀ or in a hospital room, our heritage has provided a treasure chest of resources from which we can draw to shape our communal prayer.

To have someone added to our prayer chain please call the church office at 570-752-3737.

Please pray for:

Mary Hoida; Becky Hosler; Vicki Shaffer; Emma Shaffer; Louis A Moser; Randy Albbertson; Pr. Bernie and Elaine Englehardt; Jerry Birt; Shirley Francis; Ruth Clark; Crystal Canouse; Bonnie Fausnaught; Sarah; Kristian; Fred; Frank Diehl; Megan Wark; Frank Durapatski; Sue Ellen Miller; Harold Beck II; Harvey Longenberger; Bob Dorsey and family; Margaret Robinholt; Aaron Morgart; Chuck; Roger Nunkester; Jason and Joseph Revinski; Liza DeFinnis; Mary Fuerher; Trista Scheif; Headley Killian; Bob Sands; Delores Briggs .